Sourced from Purcell Jojoba International, one of the world's largest suppliers of certified organic jojoba, our jojoba products are moisture and temperature controlled, single cold press extracted and come from a 100% natural and renewable resource.

Our jojoba products
are 100% natural, biodegradable and certified organic. Single press extraction results
in the highest quality natural jojoba oil.

Purcell Jojoba International (PJI) is the one of the world’s largest suppliers of certified organic jojoba – a 100% natural, biodegradable, and renewable resource. Each year, they harvest a large crop of jojoba nuts from the more than 750,000 mature jojoba trees growing at their 2000 acre Arizona farm. PJI’s innovative harvest system collects only clean, dry, tree-ripened seed for extraction. Their strict moisture and temperature control procedures followed during processing avoid lipase activity, which affects acid, color, and peroxide values. Quality is further enhanced by cool single press extraction, resulting in the highest quality natural Jojoba Oil.


Jojoba Applications

Jojoba can be used in many applications from skin care to lubricants.


Jojoba Oils and Jojoba Esters

Jojoba Skin Care Applications 
Facial cleanser 
Facial Moisturizer 
Anti Wrinkle Cream 
Oil Free Acne Moisturizers 
Eye Makeup Remover 
Eye Cream 
Body butters and lotions 
Shaving Lotions and Gels 
Hydrating Face Masks 
Bath Oils 
Bath Salts 
Stretch Mark Creams 
Massage Oil 
Carrier Oil 


Jojoba Hair Care Applications 
Shampoo and Conditioner 
Leave-In and Deep Conditioners 
Hot Oil Treatments 
Hair Serum 
Hair Wax 
Mustache Wax 
Scalp Treatments 
Hair Spray, Gel and Mousse 


Jojoba Cosmetic Applications 
Foundations and Liquid Makeup 
Lip Glosses 
Lip Balm 
Eyeliners and Shadows 


Jojoba Nail and Cuticle Application 
Cuticle Oil 
Nail Polish 
Nail Polish Remover 

Cuticle Exfoliators 
Hand Scrubs

Jojoba Baby and Infant Care Baby
Baby Oils 
Baby Lotions 
Baby Powders 
Baby Wash 
Baby Wipes


Jojoba Sun Care Applications 
Sun Tan Lotion and Oils 
After Sun Cream 
Self-Tan Lotions 
Tan Extending Creams 


Jojoba Beads and Jojoba Exfoliants 


Jojoba Skin Care Applications 
Facial Cleansers Exfoliating
Face Masks 
Lip Exfoliators 
Body Polishes 
Foot Scrubs 
Liquid Soaps 
Bar Soaps 
Shave Creams 
Shower Gels 


Jojoba Products 
Golden Jojoba Oil 
Deodorized Golden Jojoba Oil 
Deodorized Clear Jojoba Oil 
Winterized Golden Jojoba Oil
Certified Organic Golden Jojoba Oil 
Certified Organic Clear Jojoba Oil 


Jojoba Beads / Jojoba Exfolliants 
Jojoba Beads 16/20 
Jojoba Beads 16/60 
Jojoba Beads 20/40 
Jojoba Beads 28/60 
Jojoba Beads 40/60 
Jojoba Beads 60/100 
Jojoba Soft Beads 


Defatted & Organic Jojoba Meal 

Jojoba Esters 
Jojoba Esters 10 
Jojoba Esters 20 
Jojoba Esters 30 
Jojoba Esters 60 
Jojoba Esters 70

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