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Cosmark Aromatics is proud to exclusively represent Sophim, the European specialist in Squalane production, in Australia. 

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We are proud to exclusively represent Sophim in Australia.
They are dedicated to
high quality, eco-friendly manufacturing of non-greasy emollients and are the European leader in
the production of vegetable squalane.

Sophim is the European specialist in the manufacture of Squalane (Perhydrosqualene), the unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil. Traditionally Squalane was obtained from the livers of deep sea Atlantic shark, but over recent years the vegetable Squalane market has developed into one of the fastest growing and environmentally sustainable product sectors in the industry.


Sophim also produce a range of 'oil free' vegetable waxes (Phytowax) and a series of 'oil free' vegetable oils (Ceresters).

Sophim Product Categories include:


• Vegetable Squalane
• Vegetable Waxes
• Vegetable Esters
• Vegetable Petrolatum
• Olive Oil Unsaponifiable
• Vegetable Butters
• EP/USP Squalane
• Hydrogenated Polyisobutene 



About Sophim's SQUALANE Products:



A product of natural origin with an exceptional purity close to 99.9%.



A product derived from the unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil.


Sophiderm and Phytosqualan are colourless, transparent oils, with no odour.
They are totally stable and perfectly adapted to cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations. They are naturally compatible with the skin, are totally non-toxic and have a pleasant and silky feel with excellent spreadability and skin absorption. They prevent moisture loss and restore skin suppleness and flexibility.


About Sophim’s CERESTER Products:


INCI Assigned Name : Decyl Olive Esters (and) Squalene


Ceresters are liquid wax-esters obtained with an innovative and patented process from vegetable oils. Having similarities with jojoba oil, they have excellent emollient and film forming properties with a non-greasy feel.


Sophim currently produce Ceresters from olive, sweet almond, sunflower and castor oils and from shea butter. They are also able to manufacture your "personal cerester". If you have a specific oil in mind that might have interesting cosmetic and detmatological properties, Sophim can manufacture a cerester from that oil. Minimum quantity for manufacture is 200kgs.


Biophytosebum - a 100% vegetable origin product.


A mixture of liquid wax-esters and olive oil unsaponifiables in a ratio approximately 90/10. Unsaponifiables being themselves a mixture of 2/3 squalene and 1/3 of sterols and olive hydrocarbons.


Biophytosebum is:


  • odourless

  • gives a dry feel on the skin

  • is easily spreadable on the skin

  • penetrates the superficial layers of skin very quickly

  • has excellent emollient properties due to its wax esters content

  • gives a very soft feel, the "cushion" effect, enabling formulators to decrease, or even avoid, the use of silicones while keeping the same cosmetic properties

  • totally compatible with skin, where squalene is one of the main components

  • non irritant to skin or eyes

  • is non-comedogenic

  • produced by catalytic esterification of olive oil extracts rich in FFA, EFA and unsaponifiables (with decyl alcohol from coco origin)


Uses of Biophytosebum:


  • Skin care creams:to improve spreadability on the skin, to promote a soft and smooth feel, and ensure long lasting moisturisation.

  • Skin care lotions: to bring smoothness to your formulations and a great improvement in moisturising power.

  • Make-up cosmetics: to give a skin care effect to your decorative cosmetics.

  • Oils: used in the formulations of body oil, massage oil, suntan oil and face oil, will change the profile of these products. You’ll get “dry oils”, with a non greasy feel and high moisturising power.




Hydrogenated Polyisobutene is the universal cosmetic base oil. Sophim produces two grades;


– Sophim MC 30: liquid
– Sophim MC 300: viscous


Hydrogenated Polyisobutene is:

  • colourless, odourless, tasteless

  • an emollient, moisturizer, and restores skin suppleness

  • prevents Insensible Water Loss (IWL)

  • MC 300 is an effective waterproofing agent

  • easily emulsifiable

  • pigment dispersing agent for decorative cosmetics

  • enhances SPF retention after water exposure

  • soluble in main sunscreen filters

  • MC 30 has excellent spreadability and fast penetration into the skin

  • miscible with lipophilic substances

  • totally stable versus oxidation

  • stable across the pH range

  • non comedogenic

  • non irritant, non toxic, full inocuity

  • soft feel, non greasy


Uses of Hydrogenated Polyisobutene in cosmetics:


Hydrating creams
After shave balms
Colour cosmetics
Acne creams
Hair grooms
Sunscreen formulations
Hair relaxers
Baby care
Cleansing creams
Shaving gels



About Sophim’s PHYTOWAX products:


Sophim’s range of Phytowaxes are produced by hydrogenation of the Ceresters. They have superb emolliency and moisturising properties as well as being non-greasy.


Phytowaxes are fully saturated and have various melting points depending on which alcohol has been reacted with the olive oil.


We have available finished product in lipstick and make-up formulations using the Phytowaxes. Please let us know if you would like to see these.



PHYTOWAX® Olive 6 L 25
Hydrogenated Hexyl Olive Esters 

Melting Point 25ºC


PHYTOWAX® Olive 8 L 28

Hydrogenated Caprylyl Olive Esters 

Melting Point 28ºC


PHYTOWAX® Olive 10 L 40

Hydrogenated Decyl Olive Esters 

Melting Point 40ºC


PHYTOWAX® Olive 12 L 44

Hydrogenated Lauryl Olive Esters 

Melting Point  44ºC


PHYTOWAX® Olive 14 L 48

Hydrogenated Myristyl Olive Esters 

Melting Point 48ºC


PHYTOWAX® Olive 16 L 55

Hydrogenated Cetyl Olive Esters 

Melting Point 55ºC


PHYTOWAX® Olive 18 L 57

Hydrogenated Stearyl Olive Esters 

Melting Point 57ºC


Phytowax is:

  • a 100% vegetable origin product

  • gives body to formulations

  • has a non greasy feel

  • is odourless

  • is very stable

  • penetrates easily into the skin

  • is a very soft emollient

  • has a perfect skin and ocular tolerance

  • perfect for making pleasant and non-tacky formulations


Cosmark are proud to represent Sophim in Australia. Please contact us directly regarding any queries you may have about vegetable oil derivatives, cosmetic oils or waxes. For further information on the above products, including indicative formulas please call us on (02) 9477 1310.

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